Director’s Message

We are actively engaged in a broad range of programs  and activities, all focused  on creating crucially needed transitions toward sustainable practice, primarily in the area of teaching and its development. Since most of the problems we’re facing on this small planet are systemic in nature, SPS College Swat takes a highly integrated approach to fostering change all the time.

SPS College has taken on the challenge of addressing the institutional barriers to sustainable education and its development found in practical, ongoing and focused manner. We have made remarkable progress by developing collaborative relationships between the teachers and the students, and defining a long-term. Vision of sustainability based on the common goal for the sound future of the students at SPS College Swat creating a safe and healthy environment for our present and future generations.

Creating workable alternative solutions and systems requires developing the capacity for change in individuals, communities, organizations, and institutions… not just changing or improving our system but our goal is to empower our students at SPS College Swat to look at all of the relationships and consequences related to what they do and to grow into full responsibility for making informed decisions and consider their effect on all people and all species, now and in the future.

We encourage your feedback as our website evolves and hope our site supports your quest for useful and empowering information.

Best Regards,

Syed Munawar Shah