It has been the sincere endeavour of SPS to polish the potentials and creative cult of its students in a sustainable manner. With this in view, Monthly Tests, MCQs, Term Exams/Pre-Board Exams are regularly conducted round the year as per prescribed schedule. The sole aim of these Tests/Exams is to make the students identify and overcome their shortcomings. A detailed report is sent to parents at the end of each Monthly Test/Term Exam and Pre-Board Exam, as the case may be, through an Assessment Report that clearly reflects his/her progress in curricular and co-curricular activities.

Monthly Tests:
At the end of every month, a test comprising the portion of the course taught, is conducted in accordance with the prescribed schedule. All students shall necessarily undertake these tests.

The entry tests of various professional colleges of the country and abroad are mainly comprising of MCQs. To acclimatize and enable the SPSians to qualify these entry tests with competitive edge, SPS has recently started Monthly Tests of F.Sc classes based.

Rehearsal Test
With a view to equip the students to effectively enhance their I.Q level and to make them confidently participate in various competitive Exams for admissions to various professional institutes of national and international repute. SPS arranges regular rehearsal tests at its campus in the months of June/July.

Terminal Examinations:
The academic year has been distributed in two terms of five months each. At the end of each term, examinations are conducted in the portion of course taught. These examinations play a decisive role in promotion to the next class.
Pre-Board Exams are regularly arranged for students of SSC and F.Sc levels. As the name suggests, these exams are conducted at least two months in advance to the commencement of B.I.S.E Examination. Papers are prepared strictly in the pattern of Board Exams in order to familiarize the students with the BISE exams and to enable them to get distinctive positions.

The Process of stream lining all the integral systems of SPS Education paradine as per requirement of ISO 9001-2008 was initiated in January 2007. As evaluation of students is a major activity in Quality Education therefore, the institution has introduced students evaluation on the basis of Result Performance Index (R.P.I) . It is evaluated on subject, class, teacher, section and campus basis. R.P.I is a unique composite process of evaluation, which involves, aggregate % of marks obtained by students and calculated by the
Avg.%+(No.of A-1+A+B Grades) – (No.of D+F Grades). Convert all these values into 10 for uniform format.

Students Correspondence Folder
This folder is used for correspondence with parents and to provide them DMCs of various exams / tests / worksheets & dues slips. Parents are requested to sign this correspondence folder as a token of acknowledgment of all sorts of correspondence.