Inter Sections Staff Sports Tournament

The inauguration Ceremony of Inter Sections Staff Sports tournament is done on 15th May 2014 at SPS College Secondary Section, Rahimabad Swat. Eight Teams out of ten participated in the ceremony. During the Ceremony the Event Manager/Organizer Mr. Hussain Ali announced the Volley BallTournament which will end on 6th July 2014. He shared tournament procedure and match rules and regulations with the team and the audience. The inauguration ribbon was cut by both of the Chief Guests, Director and Deputy Director of SPS College Swat. The first match need to be played between the team Rising Star (Batkhela Campus) and the team Buner Star (Buner Campus) but due to Curfew in Buner, the team was unable to come. So, the first match was played between the Rising Star and The Rising (Fizagat Campus), first service ball of the match was hit by Director SPS College Swat. In the initial set Rising Star team has given tough time to The Rising team but the last two sets were won by the The Rising (Fizagat Campus).

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